In order to help meet the various needs of our church family - spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically, we will be offering a number of resources for you and your family in the coming days. Check back often for new resources and opportunities.

Bible Verses on God's Promises

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a ministry of listening, discernment, and prayer in a confidential setting of encouragement and compassion. Through this ministry one discerns the presence and work of God’s Spirit with a companion who sets aside the concerns of their own life to attend to the experience of God in the life of another.

Rev. Dr. Merrie Carson, PacNW Conference Spiritual Directors’ Network Matching Coordinator ( is available to help you find a Spiritual Director to walk alongside you. Additionally, our own Carolyn Hansen ( is also a licensed Spiritual Director and would be happy to help connect and guide you.

Immediate Needs

Through our monthly Benevolence Offering, we have some (limited) funds available to help with immediate physical and financial needs. All requests are handled by Pastor Dave ( and kept confidential.