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Updates from the Lead Pastor Search Team


The Evergreen Leadership Team is pleased to announce that, at a special congregational meeting on Sunday, November 8th, the congregation has ratified the call of Jon Woolner as our next lead pastor.

The work started 9-months ago by our Lead Pastor Search Team led by Justin Bell was culminated at this special meeting held both at the church and online.

Jon and his wife Shannon will be moving to our area in December and starting with some light transitional duties. On January 1st, he will begin full time work as our lead pastor. Please pray for a successful transition and for them to find suitable housing in our area.

We are excited for the new season that is in front of us at Evergreen Covenant Church. We long to keep becoming the church that Jesus desires for us and we long to bring his love to a world that so desperately needs it. Join us in our mission please.

Join Lead Pastor Candidate, Jon Woolner for a Zoom Meet & Greet Event!

As announced previously, Pastor Jon Woolner, our candidate Lead Pastor, will be joining us this week as part of his candidating process.

We hope you will join us at one or several of these events as we get to know Jon and his wife, Shannon.

We will conclude the week with a special congregational meeting on Sunday, November 8 at 5:00pm to ratify Jon's call.

Everyone is welcome to attend but only registered Evergreen members may vote. The meeting will be a combined in-person and online event. The vote will use traditional paper ballots for those attending in person. Those participating remotely will use a secure, anonymous online ballot.

Please note that advance registration is required for all in-person events. Please use the links below to register.

Contact kentlottis@gmail.com with questions or comments.

Monday, Nov 2
Meeting ID: 890 6420 8554 Passcode: 668032

Monday, Nov 2
Meeting ID: 882 3730 5274 Passcode: 382487

Wednesday Nov 4
Meeting ID: 813 9672 1028 Passcode: 557955
Note: the 7:30 Wednesday Evening Zoom Meet & Greet has been cancelled

Friday, Nov 6th
2:00-3:00PM - Virtual Town Hall - Covenant Living at The Shores - CCTV Channel 371
6:30-8:30PM - Open-Air Open House (RSVP required, link is below)

Saturday, Nov 7th
8:30AM-9:30AM - Zoom Meet & Greet
Meeting ID: 835 4943 3798 Passcode: 873035
10:30AM-11:30AM - Town Hall - In person at Evergreen (RSVP required, link is below) & Online (link below)

Sunday, Nov 8th
9:00AM - Sunday Service - Jon Preaches (RSVP required for in-person participation)
5:00PM - Congregational Meeting (RSVP required, link below). Available to stream with a link to vote provided in the comments section during the meeting (viewing link is below).

Thank you for all the support and engagement with the process this far.
We look forward to seeing you over the next few days.

Congregational Survey

In March, we conducted a survey of the congregation. To view a summary report of our findings, please click the link below.

LPST Update October 25, 2020

On Sunday, October 25th, we heard some great news from Justin Bell and the Lead Pastor Search Team. They have recommended Pastor Jonathan Woolner as a candidate to become Evergreen's next Lead Pastor. Jon and his wife Shannon will be visiting us for a few days from Nov 4th through the 10th. He will be preaching on Sunday, Nov 8th. Later that day, we will hold a Congregational Meeting and vote on calling Jon to be our Lead Pastor.

More details to follow in the days ahead.
Questions & Comments can be directed to Kent Lottis (kentlottis@gmail.com) who is heading up the team that is organzing the Candidating visit.

LPST Update September 25, 2020

Updates from the team

August 5, 2020 Update

We are now getting deep into our interview process and are making steady progress as we continue to meet and evaluate new candidates, and at the same time start to get into second and then third round interviews with prospective candidates. We still have a ways to go to have high confidence that we have the right match, but we are encouraged with each additional encounter and conversation.

As we reflect on our experience to date, it is so incredibly clear that God is at the center of this journey. In the end only one of the women & men we have spoken to will be the new Lead Pastor for Evergreen, but each interaction has been valuable for sharpening our evaluation and instincts to narrow down from 'great candidate' to 'the right person for Evergreen'.

We have more work ahead, and as we progress would like to hear from you again. We started this process with a broad survey that over 100 individuals and families participated in, and in-depth interviews with over 20 of you. A lot has changed since we gathered this input in April of this year, though, so we want to check back in. If you have new or different input you'd like us to consider, please email us at leadpastorsearchteam@evergreenchurch.cc.

In Him
LPST (Carol, Carrie, Esther, Justin, Katie, Ron, and Ryan)

June 15, 2020 Update

What an interesting and exciting time to be searching for a lead pastor to serve Evergreen and our community! While this process has had its challenges, the LPST is super hopeful and optimistic about the future of our church, and more broadly The Church. In partnership with Slingshot group, we have now investigated over 140 leaders for this role, connecting with leaders from all parts of the country and from all educational, race, gender and stages of life. There are so many amazing leaders out there.

We have arrived at a shortlist of 6 candidates, and over the next several weeks will embark on a series of interviews to go deep, getting to know them well and giving them the chance to know Evergreen. We are so blessed to get to spend time with and know some incredible people. Narrowing down to one person will be difficult. We'll continue to rely on God's wisdom to bring to the surface the best fit for Evergreen for today's time and culture, and also for the future. We've made great progress, but this stage will take time, so we ask for your patience and your continued prayer.

As always, if you have questions or thoughts to share, please reach out to leadpastorsearchteam@evergreenchurch.cc.

In Him
LPST (Carol, Carrie, Esther, Justin, Katie, Ron, and Ryan)

May 14, 2020 Update

The Lead Pastor Search Team (LPST) has been hard at work for the last couple of months on the path to identify a new lead pastor. Needless to say, one of the challenges we face is how best to keep the congregation up to speed without the regular meetings and encounters absent from life at the moment. To help keep you abreast of our progress, we will start providing these blog-style updates regularly going forward.

The last couple of months have been spent in the Preparation phase, comprised of gathering congregational input and then building the Church Profile and Pastor Profile, now published and provided to interested candidates. The LPST fielded a congregational survey (summary of results below) with a fantastic response (104 households responded in full) and also conducted over 20 in-depth interviews ranging from 1-3 hours with staff, Leadership Team, and congregation. This input has been invaluable to help shape the profile and priorities for Evergreen's next lead pastor.

As of this update we are now in the process of identifying and vetting potential candidates. We are partnering with Slingshot Group to help reach and evaluate about 100 qualified and interested candidates (from a pool of around 10,000). This is ongoing, and we expect to narrow to a short-list of about 7 candidates by middle June. The LPST (with support from the Leadership Team and staff) will continue getting to know this short list through a series of interviews, written samples, and listening to sermons until we are ready to nominate a final candidate.

Please reach out to leadpastorsearchteam@evergreenchurch.cc with any questions, comments, or thoughts you'd like to share. In the meantime, please continue to pray that God shows us the way to the right person to lead Evergreen into its next season of growth.

In Him,
LPST (Carol, Carrie, Esther, Justin, Katie, Ron, and Ryan)

April 30, 2020 Video Update